(WiP) Under development

Hi there!

I'm trying out Ghost. It will be a little while until some actual info appears here. In the mean time, if you want to know more about me here is my stack overflow profile or my linkedin profile.

This is intended to be a repository of stuff that has happened to me as a developer, situations I've encountered and, if I can, how I solved them.

Its main purpose is to work as a developer notebook for future reference, so the consistency and originality might not be that good. If I try solutions based on other's work I'll post it here as reference, citing and linking the author whenever I can.

I will also write about methodologies, case studies and how I like to work.

If you happen to reach here and some post helps you with a situation of your own, I'll be really glad. I'd appreciate if you drop me a line in a mail or twitter, you'd make my day :)

See you!